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Chairman's Message


In today’s society, education is much more than just students attending school and obtaining paper qualifications. It is ‘social’ education where parents are more informed, active and participative in the schools’ and their children’s curriculum.  The teachers and staff of the school seek the partnership of parents to collaborate for the children’s development.


This explains why the Ministry of Education officially launched the 1 st Parents Support Group (PSG) Forum in 2014, in recognition of the efforts and successes we can generate through the combined efforts of parents and schools.

In YI, our Parents Support Group, YI-Blossom, has been in existence since 2001. I am honored to have been able to work with the school leaders, who have been very supportive towards YI Blossom.

YI-Blossom believes that our involvement has contributed positively to our children’s growth and we continue to seek parents’ active participation.


We look forward to the continued contribution of ex-Yusoffians who have walked through YI’s gates, to share their success stories as they contribute to society in their own ways. In doing so, they are contributing to the development of the future citizens of tomorrow.


YI-Blossom would like to express our appreciation to past and current committee members for their valuable contributions, not only in kind but more importantly, in investing their time, thus contributing to the continued success of YI-Blossom.


Moving forward, we still have much to contribute and we warmly encourage all parents to join us in YI-Blossom.


Lionel Teo

Chairman, YI-Blossom



To promote Cyberwellness amongst students, please check the link on  Avoiding Online Gaming Addiction.



2015 Events


Culinary Session for school visit by Suncheon Maesan Middle School (SMMS), Korea (23rd January)

~ “Ee-fu noodles” demonstration by parent to Korean students during their immersion programme  




Lo-Hei session during Chinese New Year (24th February)

~ Parents of PSG were invited to join the school for Lo-Hei session to toss for happiness and good health



Parenting Workshops (12th March & 13th March)

~ The 2 talks were organised by PSG and the responses from the parents were good.


·         Effective Parent-Child Communication Skills

·         Five Languages of Love



Career Fair (23rd March) 

~ Parents shared with students their job experiences and job expectations




- Sports Carnival (20th April)

Parents had great fun manning the game stations





YI 50 Theatre Production (6th June)

~ Parents were invited to attend YI50 theatre production  Newsman to Statesman




Racial Harmony Day Celebration (22nd July)

~ PSG dressed in ethnic costumes and prepared food of various races




PSG Video Production (July)

~ PSG initiated the video production to create more awareness of YI Blossom



Bukit Batok East CCC (BBECCC) National Day Observance Ceremony (8th August)

~ Parents dressed in red and white  to commemorate National Day




Cha Kiak Walkathon by Bukit Batok East CCC (BBECCC) (5th September)

~ Another community involvement involving PSG. Parents

  • Helped promote the event

  • Manned distribution point for goody bags to residents

  • Participated in the walkathon



Tote Bag Design Contest (3rd September)

~ Parents sponsored gift vouchers to top 4 winning designs for the Tote Bag Contest. Prize winners were presented with tote bags with their very own design on it.




Parent-Child Activity at Trick  Eye Museum @ Sentosa (9th September)

~ Parents and their children enjoyed this fun-filled day.





Outreach Programme @Zhenghua Pri School (11 November 2015)

~ PSG engaged other parents as they visited YISS booth