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YI Blossom Activities 2015

2015 Events


Culinary Session for school visit by Suncheon Maesan Middle School (SMMS), Korea (23rd January)

~ “Ee-fu noodles” demonstration by parent to Korean students during their immersion programme  




Lo-Hei session during Chinese New Year (24th February)

~ Parents of PSG were invited to join the school for Lo-Hei session to toss for happiness and good health




Parenting Workshops (12th March & 13th March)

~ The 2 talks were organised by PSG and the responses from the parents were good.


·         Effective Parent-Child Communication Skills

·         Five Languages of Love



parenting talk.JPG

Career Fair (23rd March) 

~ Parents shared with students their job experiences and job expectations



- Sports Carnival (20th April)

Parents had great fun manning the game stations





YI 50 Theatre Production (6th June)

~ Parents were invited to attend YI50 theatre production Newsman to Statesman




Racial Harmony Day Celebration (22nd July)

~ PSG dressed in ethnic costumes and prepared food of various races




PSG Video Production (July)

~ PSG initiated the video production to create more awareness of YI Blossom



Bukit Batok East CCC (BBECCC) National Day Observance Ceremony (8th August)

~ Parents dressed in red and white  to commemorate National Day




Cha Kiak Walkathon by Bukit Batok East CCC (BBECCC) (5th September)

~ Another community involvement involving PSG. Parents

  • Helped promote the event

  • Manned distribution point for goody bags to residents

  • Participated in the walkathon



Tote Bag Design Contest (3rd September)

~ Parents sponsored gift vouchers to top 4 winning designs for the Tote Bag Contest. Prize winners were presented with tote bags with their very own design on it.




Parent-Child Activity at Trick  Eye Museum @ Sentosa (9th September)

~ Parents and their children enjoyed this fun-filled day.





Outreach Programme @Zhenghua Pri School (11 November 2015)

~ PSG engaged other parents as they visited YISS booth