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Craft and Technology Department

Craft & Technology Department
The department aims to
Develop in all our pupils critical thinking skills, creativity, life skills, food technology and computer literacy in their day-to-day life that empower students in becoming effective life-long learners and thinkers of tomorrow.
YI Craft and Technology Department comprises of four academic disciplines – Design & Technology (D&T), Nutrition and Food Science (NFS), Computer Applications(CPA) and Elements of Business Skills(EBS). Through these subjects, pupils are challenged to think out of the box to design and produce products, create healthy meals, apply computing skills and plan for successful business and enterprise.
Three of the subjects D&T, NFS and EBS are coursework based where students learn problem-based applied learning.
Academic disciplines:
Design and Technology prepares pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies. Design thinking process is taught at the lower secondary and applied at Upper Secondary through problem based learning where they learn to think creatively to improve the quality of life. Through design and technology, pupils can become discriminating and informed users of products, and become future innovators.
The subjects offered are Food and Consumer Education (FCE) for Lower Secondary and Food and Nutrition (F&N) for Upper Secondary. The subject envisions students who will be able to demonstrate a sense of responsibility to share nutritional knowledge with family & the community and stay abreast with new developments in culinary and food technology. Through hand-on practical sessions, student-centred and independent learning, we hope to develop our students to be confident, resourceful, discerning and healthy individuals
The syllabus prepares our Normal (Technical) students to be technologically adept as effective citizens and contribute effectively in an increasingly technologically-driven world. The topics include the appreciation and use of several common software application packages for word processing, computer drawing, multi-media presentations, data tabulation and charts. Students will also have opportunities to do creative work with animation and game development projects in Secondary 2 and 3 respectively.
The subject is offered at upper secondary as an elective to the Normal (Technical) students. The syllabus aims to equip students with the basic knowledge, skills and values relevant for the new developments in the services sector. The focus is on the development of a range of knowledge and core skills in business and enterprise with particular emphasis on retail, travel and tourism, and hospitality industries.
Highlights of Activities for C&T Department 2017: