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Update on Relocation Plan


YISS Semester 1 Class Timetables
January 11, 2021

Please click   here  to view the class timetables.


2021 PD Opportunities at CTLE@YISS
February 5, 2021


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B.I.G.@YI School Experience

April 6, 2021

Want to find out more about learning experience in YI and gain new insights to learning Primary Math? Join us on 8 May for the B.I.G @ YI School experience! Register now at

Click here to find out more about B.I.G. @ YI.

Sec 3 Values In Action Project 2020

October 12, 2020

As part of Values In Action Projects, our Secondary 3 students partnered 2 organisations, namely the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and Serving People with Disabilities (SPD). 

For the NKF, students created surveys to help collate data from teenagers on what would motivate teenagers to volunteer with NKF and also participate in NKF's 7-day No Sugary Drinks Challenge. 

For the SPD, students examined issues faced by clients at the Sheltered Workshop and created prototypes to resolve the problems faced by them.

Thanks to technology, virtual calls with organisation representatives gave students the opportunity to learn more about the needs of the organisations as well as present their recommendations to the organisations.

Despite the current COVID situation and safety management measures in place, the school is grateful that our Yusoffians have grown in empathy and learnt much from their interactions with the community. They have also received many life skills and lessons from the people at NKF and SPD as they play their part to serve the community in different ways!

Pls check out the photos here !

MTL Fortnight 2020

August 27, 2020

The Mother-Tongue Languages (MTL) Department conducted a series of vibrant and interactive activities from 24-26 August as part of MTL Fortnight 2020. These cultural activities allowed our Secondary Three students to actively learn and experience Mother Tongue as ‘a living language’. These activities included the making of bamboo slips, mask painting, batik painting & craft making, embossed painting, and playing traditional games. As a culmination of the MTL Fortnight cultural experiences, staff and students were treated to cultural food items such as mooncakes, Malay traditional kueh and murukku. To promote cross-cultural appreciation, the Secondary Three students also set up an exhibition to showcase their enriching and meaningful learning experiences with students of other levels.

Pls check out the photos here.

#SYFStrongerTogether project

June 19, 2020

In support of the #SYFStrongerTogether project, Yusoffians designed beautiful and meaningful positive messages to encourage everyone to stay strong and courageous during this period of time. Here are the 25 shortlisted pieces that will represent YISS for this project!

Please click   here  to view the the 25 shortlisted pieces! 

YISS Full Home Based- Learning

Please click   here   to view the details and timetable for full HBL.

A Game-Based Learning Approach to the Learning of Mathematics  

May 9, 2019

SEARCH Poster.jpg

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National Day Sports Carnival 2019

August 20, 2019

The Sports Carnival was the highlight of the National Day Celebrations for the school this year. The games fostered cohesion, inculcated resilience and strengthened physical fitness in Yusofians as they did their utmost to bring glory to their houses in both the sports and cheer challenges.

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Secondary 3 Level Camp 2019

August 21

Our Secondary 3 cohort took part in a 4D3N camp from 3 to 6 July this year. 

Over the course of the camp, Yusoffians were presented with a myriad of outdoor activities which were greatly beneficial to them. These included low element activities which, through the process of working in their teams, enhanced the leadership skills of Yusoffians. Similarly, high element activities such as rock-climbing and abseiling as well as kayaking challenged Yusoffians to overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zone, and this process helped instill the values of confidence and resilience in them.

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Malay Language Competitions

November 6, 2020

Earlier this year, our Yusoffians participated and did us proud in two Malay Language competitions!  For the Inter-Secondary School Translation Competition: 3T (Terjemah. Tutur. Tepat!) organised by National Junior College, our Yusoffians emerged as the overall winner! The students are:  Nureen Amyssa (3/2A),  Syarifah Asyura (3/2A) and  Muhammad Nasrul (3/2B).   For the Malay Language Essay Writing Competition, Anugerah Pena Emasku 2020, our Yusoffians took home 14 Gold awards and 1 Silver award.  Heartiest congratulations to all our Yusoffians!

ML Competitions (2).jpeg

Design for Good Youth Competition

November 3, 2020

Yusoffians from the Interact Club and New Media Club took part in the 2020 Design For Good Youth Competition, where they designed a poster to create awareness for the better use of the Internet. We are delighted to announce that out of 500 entries, the design of three Yusoffians, Chantelle Sim, Syarifah Asyura and Wheaton Wong, emerged as one of the 35 winning entries for the competition!

Design for Good Youth (Poster).jpeg Design for Good Youth (Photo).jpeg

NCC Outstanding Cadet Award 2020

September 29, 2020

We are pleased to announce that two of our students, Irfan Rizqdhawy Akbar Bin Nazrin and Nurul Farhana Sim , did the school proud by clinching the prestigious NCC Outstanding Cadet Award this year! This national level award recognises NCC cadets who exemplify outstanding values and leadership qualities. Congratulations again to our Yusoffians!

Live on Design Competition Awards 2020

September 23, 2020

Our heartiest congratulations to two of our students, Tay Li Yang and Kesiinii D/O Mahgandran,  for clinching the Merit Award in this competition!  This annual art and design competition is organised by the National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU) for participants to express their thoughts on organ donation and transplant through art. A total of 1300 entries were submitted for the competition nationwide from schools and the public. To view all the winning entries, please visit  this website  .

13th Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad Competition 2020

August 27, 2020

A group of Yusoffians took part in the 13th Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad competition, of which 5 students did us proud and were awarded the Honourable Mention award. Well done, Yusoffians! 

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-26 at 10.09.18 AM.jpeg

Inter-Secondary School Translation Competition 2020

August 20, 2020

I n April, a team of 3E ML students participated in the Inter-Secondary School Translation Competition: 3T (Terjemah. Tutur. Tepat!) organised by National Junior College.

3T is a competition that hones students’ proficiency in translation (from English language to Malay Language and vice-versa) both spontaneously and creatively, based on the context provided. This competition serves to expose students to various situations where bilingualism is used in our daily lives.

We are happy to share that our students have performed well and has emerged as first position!

The students are:

1) Nureen Amyssa 3/2A
2) Syarifah Asyura 3/2A
3) Muhammad Nasrul 3/2B

We would like to congratulate these students for their commitment in the competition and bringing pride to our school.

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