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Update on Relocation Plan

Sec 4NA & 4NT Preliminary Exam Timetable
June 23, 2020

Please click here to view the exam timetable for 4NA.

Please click here to view the exam timetable for 4NT.
2020 Semester 2 Curriculum Timetable
May 26, 2020

  • Timetable from 2 June to 17 June (during MTL Intensive revision)

Pls click here to view the timetable during MTL Intensive revision.

  • Timetable for Sec 3 HBL (Term 3 Week 1 & 3)
Pls click here to view Sec 3 HBL timetable.

  • Timetable from 2 June to 27 July 

Pls click here to view the classes timetable. 
Pls click here to view the classrooms timetable. 

  • Timetable 28 July onwards
Pls click here to view the classes timetable. 
Pls click here to view the classrooms timetable. 

YI Sing-Along
May 4, 2020

As the month-long HBL comes to an end today, our teachers participated in a very special YI Sing-Along project dedicated to all our Yusoffians! The song, Lean On Me, was specially chosen to encourage and motivate our students who have been working hard despite the difficulties faced, and to remind them that they are not alone as the teachers will always be around for them (and are just a whatsapp call/message away)!

Please click here to view the video! 

Masterclasses, Demo Classes and PD Workshops at CTLE@YISS 2020 

Please click here to view the details. 

2020 Semester 1 Curriculum Timetable

December 31, 2019

Please click here to view the classes timetable. 
Pls click here to view the classroom timetable. 

2020 Starting Out Right Programme Schedule

December 31, 2019

Please click here to view the Starting Out Right Programme schedule.

2019 Sec 3 Bridging Programme Timetable

October 11, 2019

Please click here to view the class timetable.

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#SYFStrongerTogether project

June 19, 2020

In support of the #SYFStrongerTogether project, Yusoffians designed beautiful and meaningful positive messages to encourage everyone to stay strong and courageous during this period of time. Here are the 25 shortlisted pieces that will represent YISS for this project!

Please click here to view the the 25 shortlisted pieces! 

YISS Full Home Based- Learning

Please click here to view the details and timetable for full HBL.

A Game-Based Learning Approach to the Learning of Mathematics 

May 9, 2019

SEARCH Poster.jpg

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National Day Sports Carnival 2019

August 20, 2019

The Sports Carnival was the highlight of the National Day Celebrations for the school this year. The games fostered cohesion, inculcated resilience and strengthened physical fitness in Yusofians as they did their utmost to bring glory to their houses in both the sports and cheer challenges.

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Secondary 3 Level Camp 2019

August 21

Our Secondary 3 cohort took part in a 4D3N camp from 3 to 6 July this year. 

Over the course of the camp, Yusoffians were presented with a myriad of outdoor activities which were greatly beneficial to them. These included low element activities which, through the process of working in their teams, enhanced the leadership skills of Yusoffians. Similarly, high element activities such as rock-climbing and abseiling as well as kayaking challenged Yusoffians to overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zone, and this process helped instill the values of confidence and resilience in them.

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NUS Geography Challenge 2020

August 3, 2020

We would like to congratulate the following students for doing well in the NUS Geography Challenge 2020! 

Nurul Farhana Sim of Sec 4/2 obtained a Bronze award for individual component.

Muhammad Aaron Irfan 4/2 – Certificate of participation
Muhammad Nabil  4/2 – Certificate of participation
Dean Ho Yuan De 4/1 – Certificate of participation.

Pls click here for more details.

Global English Olympiad 2020

July 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Lin Jie Sheng from Sec 3/1 has attained the ‘Finalist Diploma’ rank, which is only awarded to the Top candidate for each category in the Global English Olympiad 2020! 
Nivesh Sajeev of Sec 3/2A also did us proud by attaining the second place for his category!   

The following students also fared well by attaining certificates of commendation and achievement. 


Certificate of Commendation
IFFAH KHAIRINA BINTE ABDUL MAJID 4/2 – Certificate of Commendation

Certificate of Commendation 
NATHANIEL RAMIREZ GOBARDJA 3/1 – Certificate of Commendation 

Certificate of Commendation  

Certificate of Achievement 

Certificate of Achievement   

We would like to congratulate these students for their exceptional performance and bringing pride to our school! Pls click here for more details.

Outstanding Interact Club award by the Rotary Club and Outstanding Interactor Award 

July 1, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the YISS Interact Club has been awarded the Outstanding Interact Club award by the Rotary Club of Singapore! In addition, the President of our Interact Club has also been recognised for her efforts and awarded the Outstanding Interactor award. Once again, our heartiest congratulations to the YI Interactors! 

Cert 2.JPG

Student Reporters for Chinese Publication Zb Comma (早報逗號)

March 19 2019

We are proud to share that two students Tian Ni (2/1) and Liu Yilin (2/3), have passed three rounds of interviews and being selected as student reporters (联合学生通讯员) for the Chinese newspaper “Zaobao Comma” owned by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

Tian Ni and Yilin will be trained by professional journalists on how to conduct interviews and write news articles. They will have the opportunity to publish their news articles on the publication featuring reports of our school activities and other nationwide events with guidance from Mdm You Lixia in these 2-3 years.

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