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Principal's Foreword

At Yusof Ishak Secondary School, the Centre for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE@YISS), our mission of nurturing Curiosity, Creativity and Confidence in Yusoffians to be Life-long Learners who contribute to the Greater Good, is the mainstay of our student-centric, values-driven education. Driven by this sense of purpose, our caring and dedicated staff provide our students with opportunities for growth in the moral, cognitive, physical, aesthetics and social domains. Among our key programmes that enrich Yusoffians’ school experiences are our Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Learning for Life Programme (LLP) and 1:1 Computing Programme. 

Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) focuses on an issue that is close to our hearts - the importance of clean water and water conservation. Titled Programme for Authentic Science, Technology and Environmental Learning (PASTEL), students undergo modules on the use of water sensing systems to understand the parameters that constitute clean water, water extraction and purification methods, and technologies that can bring about a sustainable lifestyle, including water conservation. Students are challenged to apply their knowledge and skills to real world contexts through devising innovative ways to produce clean water for use. Advanced Elective Modules conducted by the polytechnics, community outreach programmes and participation in related overseas programmes are opportunities provided to students under this STEM-related ALP. 

Last year, we embarked on our Learning for Life Programme (LLP), H2eArts in Tune: History & Heritage through Arts & Music. Our LLP seeks to nurture in students a keen sense of the aesthetics and an appreciation for the arts, and a sense of rootedness and responsibility to our community. Students gain a deeper understanding of our nation and school’s histories and uniqueness, pick up skills to play musical instruments, and develop a deeper appreciation for local artists and the arts scene. They are encouraged to express themselves through these art forms and, through working in groups, learn the value of teamwork. 

Our Computing Programme seeks to leverage on technology to create student-centric and engaging learning platforms for students, who are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, participate in collaborative learning and extend their learning beyond the classroom. At the same time, students are guided to be discerning users of technology through our cyber-wellness initiatives. 

Through these and other programmes, we equip our students with competencies and sound values to prepare them for an ever-changing future, where they will shine as Scholars, Sportsmen and Statesmen. 

In our endeavours, YISS is grateful for the support of many - our School Advisory Committee (SAC), community partners, Parent Support Group (YI Blossom), parents and alumni for their unstinting support and belief in us. Together, we will continue to provide our children with a quality holistic education. 

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Mrs Maureen Saw