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Principal's Foreword (June 2020)

A Safe School for All

Welcome back to Semester 2!

The COVID-19 situation came unexpectedly and continues to evolve daily. During this period, many governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions in an attempt to manage the spread of COVID-19. In Singapore, we embark on Full Home-based Learning (FHBL) from 8 April to 4 May. Our teachers leveraged technology to carry out both ‘live’ lessons via real-time video conferencing platforms and asynchronous learning on the Student Learning Space (SLS). To ensure students’ learning during FHBL, our teachers monitored students' progress and submission of assignments. We are grateful for your strong support as we continue to work hand in hand as one united YI Family to support our Yusoffians as they return to school in Term 3.

We will welcome our students back to school from 2 June 2020 (Term 3), in a careful and safe manner. For a start, students from Secondary 4 and 5 will attend school daily from Mondays to Fridays. Students from Secondary 3 will rotate weekly between Home-Based Learning (HBL) and returning to school for lessons. Please refer to the table below for the weekly rotation schedule.





Secondary 4 & 5

Secondary 3


Secondary 3, 4 & 5



Secondary 4 & 5

Secondary 3


Secondary 3, 4 & 5



We have put in place safe management measures to keep our staff and students safe as follows: 

o   Daily temperature-taking with additional visual and question screening will continue to be carried out for all students and staff. In addition, students and staff who are unwell, or who have adult household members on home quarantine / Stay Home Notice or have flu-like symptoms such as fever and cough, will be required to stay away from school.

o   Cleaning high-touch surfaces more frequently and disinfect the premises daily.

o   Students and staff are required to wear their masks or face shields.

o   Students will practise frequent hand-washing throughout the school day and practice wipe down of tables and shared equipment after use.

o   Intermingling across classes and levels will be minimised.

o   There will be fixed exam-style seating in classrooms and spaced seating in canteens or alternative venues.

On the first day of Term 3 when students return to school, some of them may face adjustment issues transiting from FHBL/school holidays back to school. Therefore, we have set aside some time for students to reconnect with their teachers and peers, and for teachers to re-establish the learning routines. We want to assure all parents that the necessary support will be given to our students as they return to school.

Our students reflected on their readiness to return to school. Most of them felt ready and confident to return to school. We would like to share some of their reflections with you.

Student A

I feel good about coming back to school as I get to meet my friends. Although I am not able to hang out with them, I am happy to see them at school.

Student B

I am excited to come back to school to learn and clarify my doubts about certain subjects.

Student C

I feel happy to be able to come back to the normal way of learning. As I feel that it's easier for me to understand things better.

The school will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. We will remind our staff and students to observe good personal hygiene at school and home. We would also like to seek your support by bringing your child/ward for medical attention promptly if he/she is not feeling well. Together, we can keep our staff and students safe.

As Singapore gradually re-opens economic activities that do not pose high risk of transmission from 2 June onwards, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has shared that everyone should continue to leave home only for essential activities, and wear a mask when doing so. In support of this national posture, we will continue to remind our students to be socially responsible and comply with the circuit-breaker regulations. They should not congregate and loiter outside school before and after lessons. We seek your assistance in ensuring your child/ward return home promptly after school as we work together as one BIG YI Family to keep Singapore COVID-safe!

Take care and keep well!

 #SGUnited #YIUnited

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Mrs Maureen Saw