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Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence

Our school is committed to delivering quality learning experiences for all our students. To boost our efforts, we believe in enhancing the professional development of teachers.

The school now hosts a Centre for Teaching & Learning Excellence. This Centre is a unique collaboration between our school, Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST), the National Institute of Education (NIE) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). A network of master teachers (MTT), professors and experts from AST, NIE and MOE will be attached to the Centre. The MTT, professors and experts will co-teach with our teachers as they conduct in-situ professional development.

This new model of authentic onsite professional development of teachers embodies Mr Yusof Ishak’s pioneering spirit and his convictions that education enables individuals and all communities to progress. The Centre focuses on growing teachers who in turn will grow students and the next generation.

Teachers from schools across Singapore as well as student teachers will be able to participate in the professional development where progressive teaching methods in a real classroom setting are demonstrated.

The range of professional development opportunities at the Centre will go beyond the teaching strategies of academic subjects to include strategies for developing students’ socio-emotional competencies, character and values.

The benefits of the Centre are expected to accrue not just to our students and teachers, but across other schools as teacher-participants will bring back new insights and strategies to their respective schools. The Centre aims to be at the forefront of exploring innovative, effective teaching methods set against authentic learning conditions, and contributing to the growth of teachers in the fraternity.