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We Nurture Students for the Future

At YI, we aspire to develop students with deep anchor of character and the 21CC skills through a robust Co-curricular Activity platform. We provide CCAs to cater to students with different interest and strengths, in Performing Arts, Sports, Uniformed Groups and Clubs. Our Uniformed Groups, such as NCC and NPCC, have achieved sustained gold awards in HQ recognition annually. The Performing Arts CCAs have won SYF distinctions in several categories. Our clubs are actively involved in community programmes and have also clinched national-level awards in inter-school competitions. At the heart of the achievements, students learned to adopt the growth mind-set and develop leadership dispositions.

Talent development is key. Through subject-based application programmes, the school offers plenty of opportunities for our students to experience emerging cutting edge technologies and to participate in global and national competitions. As leaders for tomorrow, our students initiate transformational improvements to the school and community through the annual Student Conference and the Change Makers Programme.

  • We develop confident and versatile students

  • We build resilience
The ability to bounce back from setbacks is an important trait in student well-being and success. At YI, our students participate in challenging activities through sports and outdoor education to develop their resilience. These programmes leverage team learning and team building platforms to foster a sense of self-worth and self-belief in one’s abilities.

Our Positive and Honour Education programme complements the sports and outdoor education to imbue in our students core values such as perseverance, and the dispositions to take on challenges and see every mistake as a stepping stone to success.

  • We nurture leaders of tomorrow
At YI, we strive to nurture our students leaders who inspire. A leader in every student. The school has a three tier development plan for student leadership:

Embrace students’ expertise and interest to create an engaging and exciting leadership programme

  • We develop our students for future challenges

  • The world is our classroom
Overseas experiences allow for authentic learning to broaden our students’ learning experiences, develop a global outlook and deepen students’ acquisition of 21CC