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We Spark Curiosity and Ignite Passion

We spark curiosity and a sense of wonder
We provide the challenge
We grow the confidence

How do we inspire our students to learn?

At YI, we emphasise deep thinking, inquiry based, collaborative learning. Students explore possibilities through their imaginations, ask questions and collaborate with one another to create new knowledge. Teachers harness the use of learner-centered pedagogies, such as student investigation, to create engaging classrooms for all Yusoffians.

To cater to every student’s unique and an individual learning profile, the school learning corridor offers inspirational spaces for different kinds of learners. The YI campus features Fave areas, E-deck and Smart Learning Spaces that support Place Based Learning, where learning takes place anywhere, engaging students and drives autonomous learning.

Various Learning Spaces


YI Curriculum

With over 55 years experience in providing quality holistic education and being the only Centre For Teaching and Learning (CTLE) in Singapore, we know our students learn best when we advocate an open-minded and curious attitude about the world; fuel the desire in students to experiment and ignite the passion for learning. Our YI unique curriculum charts students’ learning to connect with interest and relate knowledge to real life. Students discover ways to use the learning insight, share the diverse experiences and spur one another to generate new understanding.