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Teaching Staff

Teacher Leaders



Mr Donavan Lau

Lead Teacher (Physics)

Ms Hurul Ain 

Senior Teacher (History)

Class Mentors



1 Integrity

Ms Ong Chuhui and Ms Eileen Sin Yu Ling

1 Self-respect

Ms Atiqah and Mdm Low Qin Tian

1 Purpose

Ms Nuha and Ms Fu Hsun

1 Inquisitiveness

Mr Teng Cheah Boon and Mrs Rachel Lim

1 Resilience

Ms Magdalena Furtado and Mr Kennard Seah

1 Empathy

Ms Jeanette Teoh and Mr Edwin Li

1 Confidence

Mdm Lai Lili and Mr Kenson Go

1 Creativity

Mr Samuel Ong and Mdm Zuraidah Mohd Ariff

1 Courage

Mr Donavan Lau and Ms Alia Moreta

2 Integrity

Ms Amanda Lim

2 Self-respect

Ms Grace Heng

2 Purpose

Mr Ang Kah Tiong and Ms Bernice Xu

2 Confidence

Mr Marc Tan

2 Inquisitiveness

Ms Lim Mei Qiao

2 Resilience

Ms Vivian Tan

2 Empathy

Mdm Zurianah

2 Creativity

Ms Hurul and Ms Bernice Chew