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Principal’s Foreword

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We are delighted to welcome our new cohort of students and their parents to our YI BIG Family! Your child would be embarking on a purposeful learning journey with us to be their best. We would want your child to have BIG aspirations and be passionate about their learning. 

At Yusof Ishak Secondary School, the Centre for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE@YISS), our mission is to develop our students to be curious, creative and confident life-long leaners who contribute to the Greater Good. We are BIG in nurturing our students as Leaders for Tomorrow:

 Believe - We believe every child has talent

      Inspire - We inspire every child to learn for life

        Grow - We grow every child to shine and serve


We nurture our students to soar to their best and shine their brightest. Through thoughtfully designed academic and student development experiences, we endeavour to develop our students holistically to be future-ready. Our students commence their learning journey with confidence, where joy is part of the journey and love is the heart of the journey!


We seek to InSPIRE our students to develop good character through our school values:

·        Live with Integrity

·        Lead with Self-respect

·        Collaborate with a Purpose

·        Learn with Inquisitiveness

·        Grow with Resilience

·        Serve with Empathy


Fondly known as the First President School, our vision is to nurture students who can think, learn and lead better. Through the YI Future-ready Leaders Programmes (FLP), our students will acquire Future-Ready Habits (FRH) such as inquisitiveness and ideation. As part of the YI FLP, our distinctive programmes serves to provide meaningful and authentic contexts where knowledge can be applied, and values, 21st Century Competencies and FRH can be developed, demonstrated and strengthened.


Our Applied Learning Programme is STEM for the Strategic Development of a Sustainable and Smart City (S4TEM@YI). Exposing our students to STEM Learning & Values serve to equip them with the skills and dispositions of Leaders for Tomorrow such as Lateral Thinkers, Ethical Advocates & Digital Innovators. Our Learning for Life Programme is Nurturing Honourable Leaders for Tomorrow (YI LEAD+). We provide a strong school culture and myriad of opportunities to nurture an Honourable Leader in every student, anchored in the core values of honourable leaders.


Our school theme for 2023 is Empowered as ONE! After a successful pioneering year in 2022, it is our hope that our students will possess the courage to step out of their comfort zone and take ownership to shape the next chapter of the school's journey. As a school, we will cultivate an abundance mindset and work together as one to build a brighter future for ourselves and Singapore. As we embark on this new journey in 2023, we will continue to champion the joy of learning through the provision of a holistic curriculum and cutting-edge pedagogies. We will also grow our students as way makers who possess a global outlook and have a positive growth mindset, inspiring changes in our society through their speech and actions.


In our endeavours, we seek to build a synergistic home-school partnership to nurture our students to their fullest potential. We hope to work hand-in-hand with parents/guardians so that our students develop self-management and self-regulation skills, take responsibility and ownership of their learning and build resilience.


We are grateful for the strong support from our key stakeholders, namely School Advisory Committee, YI Parent Support Group (YI PSG) and alumni. This strong support from our key stakeholders, coupled with our competent, committed and caring teachers will imbue in our students the joy of learning and contribute to the provision of a quality holistic education. We are confident that we will continue to achieve many more breakthroughs in the years ahead as we scale new heights as way-makers!


We look forward to welcoming you to Yusof Ishak Secondary School, the First President School!


Take care and keep well! Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy 2023!


Learn for Life,

Mdm Maureen Lee


January 2023