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Values In Action

Values In Action (VIA) Program 

VIA is viewed as an important component of the holistic development of Yusoffians.  This is in line with the school’s mission for students to become lifelong learners who contribute to the greater good.  VIA is used as a platform for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom in authentic contexts as well as contribute to the community around them. As a form of exposure, students take part in both one-off mass events as well as long-term group projects. 

For the events, students lend support to the community at large by responding to the immediate needs of the Community around us and Donation Drive by the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs).  

    For the projects, students are divided into smaller groups to organise and plan activities that will meet the needs of a particular target audience within the community, either school or the neighbourhood. Through the projects, the six school values are reinforced. Students also learn a wide variety of skills such as organisation, collaboration and perspective-taking skills. Aside from planning and executing the projects, students will also reflect on their experiences, raising their awareness of how they can improve in the future.


VIA Stages