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Staff Activities

The Staff Welfare Committee (SWC) organised a host of gatherings to promote bonding among the staff. The events included the celebrative Lo Hei during Chinese New Year, Teachers’ Day High Tea and staff ‘makan’ sessions such as the Durian and Tropical Fruits Party. 

One of the key events facilitated by the SWC this year was the ‘Learn A Skill’ Day held in school on 29 June. Some of our very own talented staff members came forward to share their knowledge and skills with both teaching and non-teaching staff. They conducted various workshops such as terrarium making, batik painting, baking and the making of candy bowls and desktop organisers. 

To promote bonding and interaction among staff members, the SWC also organised a staff learning journey at the Coney Island Park located near Punggol Promenade Nature Walk on 18 November. The SWC looks forward to continue organising engaging programmes and activities next year to promote physical, social and emotional health among all staff.

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YISS Non-Teaching Staff Appreciation Day 

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