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Student Leadership

Every student councillor will aspire to be a scholar, a sportsman and a statesman.
To develop Yusoffians leaders who are committed to serve the school and community with integrity and compassion.
Our approach to Student Leadership Development is to teach Yusoffian leaders the school core values and a set of practices that develops them to become leaders of influence who will bring about transformation. This set of five practices of exemplary leadership is based on the Leadership Challenge, which is an evidence-based leadership model created by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner of Santa Clara University. 


Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
School Values
Desired Qualities of a Yusoffian Leader
Model the wa    y

  • Gains the respect of others by being a role model through daily actions that demonstrate the school values
  • Follows through on the commitments that he make and goals that he set

Inspire a shared vision
  • Is a confident leader who is aware of his strengths and the goals he wants to achieve
  • Able to communicate his beliefs and goals clearly to inspire the rest to follow

Enable others to act
  • Is responsible for leading and mentoring the team to complete projects and duties
  • Able to develop competence, trust and confidence in team members

Challenge the process
  • To seek improvement to achieve excellence
  • Shows resilience by taking on challenges and is unafraid to try, fail and learn
Encourage the heart
  • Shows care and appreciation towards team members for their contribution to the success of the team
  • Shows compassion for others by caring for and serving the needs of the school and the community

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