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Division 3 Debating Championships

As part of the English Department's vision to develop Yusoffians who are confident public speakers, 9 of our Yusoffian debaters participated in the Division 3 Debating Championships (D3DC) held at Raffles Institution on 9 Jan.
Despite facing more experienced competitors, our debaters managed to do the school proud by winning the last round out of three rounds. Three of our debaters Aishwarya, Mohamad Givari Zulfan and Ryan Samuel Wong also came in as Best Speakers during the rounds.
One of our students, Ryan Samuel Wong from 4E2B also did the school proud as he came in 13th overall best speaker among the hundreds of speakers from 15 schools. The Yusof Ishak Debating Team will be participating in the upcoming Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships. 
Putri Nur Athirah from 3N1B did the school proud as she came in as the  overall 20th best speaker among hundreds of student participants in the Speak Venture Debating Championships (SVDC) held on 23 Jan. We wish our debaters all the best for their upcoming competition in the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championships (SSSDC).