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Media Computing (MEC) Competition 2017

The Media Computing Competition is organised annually by the Computer Education Unit, Science Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD), Ministry of Education.

The competition seeks to provide a platform to showcase students’ work, develop students’ interest in media design, and improve students’
communication and presentation skills. It is open to Computer Applications (CPA) students from the Normal (Technical) and Normal (Academic) Streams.

Media Computing is part of the Computer Applications (CPA) curriculum in which students from the Normal Technical stream learn programming knowledge to create animations and games using the software, Scratch. 
This year’s theme was “healthy Living”. Students were to create a game that promotes healthy living. Some ideas included choice of food, exercise or lifestyle changes.

Khairul Izzan B Razali from 3/4 has done the school proud and won one of the ten Gold Awards in Singapore for the CPA Media Computing Competition this year. He qualified for the Oral Presentation round where he presented his work to a panel of judges to win one of the three Platinum Awards.  Khairul did well for the Oral Presentation and received the Platinum Award for Category B - Game Making.

Khairul Izzan B Razali, from Class 3/4 was one of the top 10 recipients to receive the Gold and Platinum Award.  

Photo 1.JPG
Khairul winning the Gold Award

Photo 3.JPG
Khairul winning the Platinum Award

Photo 2.JPG
Khairul after the Oral Presentation Judging session

Photo 4.JPG
Screenshot 1 of Khairul's winning Game entry 

Photo 5.JPG
Screenshot 2 of Khairul's winning Game entry

It was a proud moment for Khairul as well as his CPA teachers Mr Foo And Mdm Ow-Yong who had worked hard with the students for the competition. It was a great experience for both teachers and students. 

We look forward to this competition again next year!