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National Champion Title for National Story Challenge

Eight Secondary 2 students participated in the National Story Challenge, a Chinese storytelling competition which challenges students’ creativity, acting skills, teamwork and the ability to react well on the spot. Divided into two groups, the students had invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to practice and participate in the competition, which began from February and ended on March this year. 

They did us proud by having one team advancing into the semi-finals and one team clinching the National Champion title after facing stiff competition from other schools. Here are the names of the participants:

Gezelle Ng Pei Xuan 2/1
Xie Fei 2/1
Lek Zheng Bang Royston 2/3
Nikol Goh Zhi Wei 2/1

National Champion
Hu Junhao 2/3
Yang Hui Yuan 2/2
Zhu Yu Hong 2/1
Ivan Heng Hao Yi 2/4

Congratulations to our students who took part in this competition! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the parents/guardian, teachers, EAS staffs and students who have supported us!
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