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National Day Sports Carnival 2019

The Sports Carnival was the highlight of the National Day Celebrations for the school this year. The games fostered cohesion, inculcated resilience and strengthened physical fitness in Yussofians as they did their utmost to bring glory to their houses in both the sports and cheer challenges.


The various houses competed in games such as kin ball, water soccer and tag archery and it was a neck-and-neck race to be crowned the champion house. Eventually, the breakthrough came from the basketball shootout challenge and the inter-house cheer competition, and Discovery house emerged victorious and won the 2019 Challenge Shield!

The event celebrated the importance of keeping fit physically and mentally as fitter Singaporeans make for a stronger Singapore. For the grand finale, teachers led students in a sing-along session and everyone sang the National Day commemorative songs with pride alongside a national flag flypass display using a drone!