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29th Annual Cross-Country Championship

The school held its 29th Annual Cross-Country Championship on 8 March 2019. The venue was the beautiful and scenic grounds of the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.

Since the reintroduction of the house system in the school, the competitive spirit of the students went up a notch. This year, the addition of the house T-shirt further spurred the students on. It was indeed a sight to behold as the students assembled in their House T-shirts, beaming with pride and raring to go.

There were several exciting finishes as Yusoffians gave it their all to bring glory to their respective houses. After a gruelling contest, Progress House clinched this year’s Overall Champion House in the Cross-Country Championships. Overall, the 29th Annual Cross-Country Championship was a resounding success as Yusoffians displayed good sportsmanship throughout the race, bonded with their schoolmates and geared themselves up for the next Cross-Country Championship!

Yusoffians raring to go at the starting line!

A pair of students from Discovery House enjoying the race

Yusoffians sweating it out to bring honour to their house!

Yusoffians sprinting towards the finishing line!

Grit and determination on display during the Cross-Country!

A staff photo to mark the end of Cross-Country 2019!