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Cultural Immersion Trip to Penang 2019

On 17 March, 2019 Yusoffians and 4 teachers embarked on a cultural immersion trip to Penang as part of the school’s internationalisation programme. The objectives of the trip were to experience a different culture in Penang and build lasting friendships across borders.

The group visited SMK Tunku Puan Habsah, a local school in Penang, to experience the school’s niche cosmetology programme. It was both enriching and enjoyable as our Yusoffians learnt cosmetology and received professional hairdressing and cosmetic services from their buddies. Our Yusoffians even tried their hand at giving their friends a professional facial!

The group also visited several places of cultural and historical interest during their 4-day visit, which included the Penang Hill and the Pinang Peranakan Mansion. A stroll through Penang’s lively streets exposed our students to a wealth of street art and iconic wall murals while a trip to a Batik factory taught them the art of waxing their Batik designs and painting them with fabric dyes!

All in all, it was an enriching trip for the group, with the memories and bonds formed lasting a lifetime!

Group photo before departing for the airport

Our first group photo at Penang before beginning the tour at Penang Hill!

A group photo with the Principal and staff from SMK Tunku Puan Habsah

A Yusoffian giving her friend a professional facial, under the guidance of her buddy!

Learning about Peranakan culture

All smiles for the camera!

Yusoffians posing with Penang’s famous wall mural

Yusoffians doing Batik painting

                       Beautiful Batik Paintings by our Yusoffians

A final group photo to mark the end of the trip