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Korea Internationalisation Programme 2018

13 students from Suncheon Maesan Middle School (SMMS) together with the school’s Vice-Principal, Mr Jeong Eungyun, and 2 staff visited our school from 11 to 15 January 2018 as part of our school’s Korea Internationalisation Programme.

Our school started this partnership with SMMS since 2010 to extend our students’ learning beyond the shores of Singapore. On 11 January 2018, the students and staff from SMMS visited our school. After a welcome ceremony followed by a school tour led by our student docents, the students and staff from SMMS embarked on a learning journey to the National Museum of Singapore to know more about the history of Singapore. The following day on 12 January, the students from SMMS joined their buddies from our school to get an experience of classroom learning. They also joined their buddies for a CCA experience to find out more about the different types of CCAs available in our school.

It was a great and enriching experience for our teachers and students. Everyone is looking forward to visit their Korean counterparts in Korea later on this year in May!

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