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Secondary 3 Camp

The Secondary 3 Camp for 2017 was held at Camp Christine. It was a fun and enjoyable three-day camping experience for the students.

On the first day, the students were introduced to their instructors who would be guiding them over the course of the camp. They also engaged in some team bonding activities to get to know one another better. Soon after, students were guided on pitching tents which would be where they would be sleeping for the next two nights.

On the second day, students engaged in a whole host of activities. These included abseiling, rock climbing, orienteering and outdoor cooking! It was indeed a heart-warming sight looking at the students working together and encouraging each other to overcome their fears. Although it was raining heavily during the afternoon, the skies cleared up by night time and the campfire started promptly at 8pm. The campfire segment was special and fun. School Leaders and the School Management Committee joined the teachers and students as they presented their cheers and item for campfire. These included songs, dances and even a skit! The students were very confident and professional in their execution of their item. As the campfire drew to a close, the students were reminded to always cherish the common memories they had created with one another and the friendships they had fortified further through the camp.  

On the last day, students carried out their area cleaning before bidding farewell to the instructors and leaving the campsite.

May the memories made during the camp and the bond shared with one another remain with them always.