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WayangKu_Lit@National Museum - 3 September 2016

Our booth set up at the platform of the National Museum of Singapore was named WayangKu_Lit, which means My Shadow Puppetry through Literature.The interactive booth aimed to share the history of Shadow Puppetry from various origins and showcased our students’ appreciation of Malay Literature and Malay Folklore through the use of Shadow Puppetry. Students researched on Shadow Puppetry and took on perspectives from the various characters in the Malay Folklore. In addition to the original Shadow Puppetry forms, puppets that are linked to Malay Folklore such as Badang and Tanggang Hang Nadim were exhibited. Among those who attended the event are Acting Minister for Education (Schools), Mr Ng Chee Meng and Jurong GRC MP Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, who is also the Chairman of Bulan Bahasa. All attendees had an enjoyable experience as they interacted and learned Malay Language and Literature through a Malay Literature quiz and were given a chance to act out the Shadow Puppetry, based on the dialogues of various characters from the Malay Folklore. 
In addition to the booth, two of our students from 3E1, Irna Juanniera and Nur Atiqah, represented our school to be the Malay Language Student Ambassadors (Rakan Bahasa) this year. They played the roles of museum guides during the Bulan Bahasa Launch Weekend on 3 and 4 September. They were assigned their artefact stations - Yusof Ishak and Mohd Eunos Abdullah respectively - and were asked to prepare short scripts, in both English and Malay languages, to present to the attendees of the Bulan Bahasa event. Well done, Yusoffians!

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