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West Zone 𝝅-Force Challenge 2018

The inaugural West Zone 𝝅-Force Challenge was held on 26 March 2018. 

A total of 17 teams from 9 primary schools in the West Zone took part in the Math and Science competition organised and hosted by teachers and students from our school. 

During the challenge, the Primary 5 and 6 students participated in an exciting trail with 8 different stations, allowing them to explore a range of different Math or Science concepts while having fun! The top 3 teams from the trail then proceeded to compete in the final challenge; which required them to analyse a given problem, discuss a possible solution and subsequently present their team solution to a panel of judges as well as the rest of the participants. That certainly required the teams to work effectively and efficiently together, and also think critically about which Science concepts they should apply, in order to solve the problem – all within a short period of time!

Throughout the competition, many of our Secondary Two students acted as student guides, confidently leading the respective teams under their care. They also helped as station masters, facilitating the various station activities, therefore allowing the challenge to be a success. 

The event was graced by our Guest of Honour, West 2 Cluster Superintendent, Ms Haslinda Zamani, as well as Master Teachers, Mdm Low Leng and Mr Yap Boon Chien. During the event, the audience also witnessed the grand unveiling of the West Zone 𝝅-Force Challenge logo.

It was truly an exciting and enriching experience for the participants, as well as our students and teachers! 

Pi-Force 1.jpg

Teams from Corporation Primary School

Pi-Force 2.jpg

Teams from De La Salle School

Pi-Force 3.jpg

Teams from Henry Park Primary School

Pi-Force 4.jpg

Teams from Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Pi-Force 5.jpg

Teams from Qifa Primary School

Pi-Force 6.jpg

Teams from South View Primary School

Pi-Force 7.jpg

Team from St. Anthony’s Primary School

Pi-Force 8.jpg

Teams from Unity Primary School

Pi-Force 9.jpg

Teams from West View Primary School

Pi-Force 10.jpg

Students participating in the trail

Pi-Force 11.jpg

Students participating in the trail

Pi-Force 12.jpg

Students participating in the trail

Pi-Force 13.jpg

Students participating in the trail

Pi-Force 14.jpg

Collision Test from the Final Challenge

Pi-Force 15.jpg

Team presentation from the Final Challenge

Pi-Force 16.jpg

Mrs Saw (Principal), Ms Haslinda (W2 Cluster Superintendent), Mr Yap (MTT Physics) and Mdm Low (MTT Mathematics)

Pi-Force 17.jpg

Group photo of award winners

Pi-Force 18.jpg

Final group photo