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YI MasterChef Competition 2018

The inaugural YI MasterChef Competition was held on 29 March 2018 after school hours from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

A total of 19 teams from the Secondary 1 to 3 classes took part in the competition that was organised by the Nutrition and Food Science unit.. 

The objectives of the competition were to create a platform for students to develop and showcase their culinary skills and to unleash creativity and potential in the areas of Food and Beverage and culinary skills among Yusoffians. 

The theme of the competition was flour and the participants were tasked to showcase the use of a type of flour in the dish they have chosen. The dishes chosen among the participants ranged from desserts to main dishes. Participants were given 1.5 hours to prepare, cook and present their dishes to the judges. They were also required to clean up their station after the competition.  

The participants were judged based on the following criteria: presentation (40%), taste (20%), skills (20%), table management and hygiene (20%). 

During the competition, the participants demonstrated school values such as responsibility in ensuring high standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness of their stations and resilience when they faced challenges in preparing their dishes and learnt how to improvise on the spot. The other school value that was demonstrated by the participants was confidence when they stood with pride showing their complete dish during the photo-taking session.

The judges of the competition were Mr Kalvindar Singh (Vice Principal), Mdm Siti Ruzaimah (School Health Advisor) and Mdm Celine Pung (Administrative Staff). The judges tasted all the dishes and unanimously decided on the winners of the competition. 

It was truly an enriching and enjoyable experience for both the participants and the teachers. 

masterchef1.JPG                                            1st Place: Erfan and Danish from 3/4
(Dish: Chocolate Lava Cake)

2nd Place: Ashwaryanni and Elly from 3/5
(Dish: Churros and Chocolate Dip)

masterchef3.JPG3rd Place: Sangeetha and Sheerin from 2/4
(Dish: Chocolate Crumble Cake)

NFS Teachers with Judges