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YI MasterChef Competition 2019

The annual YI MasterChef Competition was held on 28 March 2019.

This year, the Nutrition and Food Science unit embarked on something different, where the students paired up with either their teacher or a family member. The objective of doing this was to help build a strong bond between students and their teachers or family members, while simultaneously showcasing their cooking and plating skills.

The theme for the competition was ‘Under the Sea’, which was chosen to commemorate World Water Day. A total of 15 teams participated in the competition, with 7 teams from the Sec 2 and 3 classes (Category A), and 8 teams from the Sec 4 and 5 classes (Category B).

We had the honour of having 3 individuals from the F&B Industry as judges for the competition. They were Mr Mervyn Phan and Mr Patrick Austin from Cookyn Inc, as well as Mr Nicholas Yap from Shatec Institutes.

Participants were given 60 minutes to cook and plate their dish. Each pair worked hard and made full use of the time to produce creative and beautiful dishes according to their own interpretation of the theme.

The results for each category were announced during the prize-giving ceremony after the competition. For Category A, Qusyairi Mirza Bin Mohd Fuad from Sec 2/2 and his form teacher, Mr Rozaimi Abdul Rahim, came in first place with their winning dish, The Red Pearl. For Category B, Danish B Ahram from Sec 4/4B and his mother, Mdm Noor Fatimah Bte Oleh, came in first place with their winning dish, Salted Egg Fish and Chips with Pasta.

One of the judges, Mr Mervyn Phan, was happy that family members were involved in the competition. He also encouraged students that there were many learning points that they can bring back with them even though they made mistakes during the competition.

Our vice-principal, Mr Kalvindar Singh, gave the closing speech. He mentioned that this competition is a good platform for students who are not taking the Food and Nutrition subject to showcase their cooking and presentation skills.

Overall, the competition was a resounding success and it was an enriching experience for the students, teachers and family members.

Winners for Category A

3rd Place - Marsheila Alisha Binte Ahmad Sudar (3/2)

and her grandmother, Mdm Mariam Binte Muhd Kunji

2nd Place - Muhammad Yusry Danish Bin Samsuri (2/5)

and his form teacher, Miss Pamela He

1st Place - Qusyairi Mirza Bin Mohd Fuad (2/2)

and his form teacher, Mr Rozaimi Abdul Rahim

Winners for Category B

3rd Place - Boon Kai Ling and her form teacher, Ms Lizawati Eskah

2nd Place - Tan Hui Qi Dawn with her form teacher, Mr Gordon Tan

1st Place - Danish B Ahram with his mother,  

Mdm Noor Fatimah Bte Oleh

Group photo of the judges and the participants