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YI-Blossom (PSG)

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Chairman's Message

Greetings from YI-Blossom! As we look forward to welcoming 2018, 2017 has been another good year for the Parent Support Group at Yusof Ishak Secondary School. YI-Blossom has once again played an important role in fostering close ties and bonds among students, teachers and key stakeholders who are part of the larger Yusof Ishak community.

For a start, at the start of this year, we received strong response from parents who wished to be a part of YI-Blossom and many have come on board to contribute actively. I look forward to more parents contributing in ways that fit their time and schedule, and to at least join one activity over the 12-month period.

As parents, we play an important part in the life of our children and our young ones appreciate and cherish moments where their folks can be at their side through this character building journey.

YI-Blossom has played this supporting and nurturing role with utmost gusto and enthusiasm as shown by the packed calendar of activities, with highlights like Racial Harmony Day and the Sports Carnival.

Please spread the word to more parents to join us in making the life of our children more enriching and fulfilling, and their growing up years in Yusof Ishak Secondary a holistic and fun experience that goes beyond books and exams.

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the management of Yusof Ishak Secondary School and our past and present committee members for their valuable inputs and contributions that have made YI-Blossom a success and a key pillar of the school.

Patwant Singh

Chairman, YI-Blossom 


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