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Chairman's Message

Greetings from YI-Blossom!  2020 has so far been an unusual time that has pushed teachers, students and parents to adjust to tremendous change and become accustomed to a new normal.  What has not changed however, is our desire, as parents, to do our best for our children, to give our best, that they may grow into fine women and men.    

2019 was a good year for the Parent Support Group at Yusof Ishak Secondary School as we were able to foster closer ties among the student body and school, in events like Racial Harmony Day celebrations, where PSG members set up food stalls promoting food from different cultures.  The PSG was also glad to be able to support the graduating batch of students, encouraging them during the National Examinations through provision of refreshments.   

Our hope in 2020, amidst these uncertain times of safe-distancing and restrictions, is to continue partnering the school and parents to carry out programmes or projects that help foster joy in students, that they find school an enjoyable place to forge strong friendships in, and to help parents find support in each other as we continue to journey as parents to teenagers.    

However, in order to carry out these plans successfully, we need the support of all parents, whether it be in kind for the events to be organised, or in time by joining the PSG.  As parents in the school, we can be the nutrient rich soil that sustains our children’s growth. Please do consider joining us as we work towards providing a more nurturing environment for our children to grow in.      

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the management of Yusof Ishak Secondary School and our past and present committee members for their valuable contributions that have allowed YI-Blossom to bloom and bear good fruit.

Monica Bong

Chairman, YI-Blossom 


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