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YI-Blossom Activities 2016

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YI Blossom Activities 2016



Name of Activity


22 Jan (Fri)

4.00 – 6.00 pm

Sec 1 Orientation Camp

·      Lionel to give a talk

·      PSG to recruit new member

16 Feb (Tue)

2.30 - 3.30 pm

CNY Lohei

PSG invited as guests

10 Mar (Thurs)

3.00 – 4.30 pm

Parenting Workshop

Parents of all students invited to parenting workshop

11 Mar (Fri)

2.30 – 5.15 pm

Career Fair (Sec 3 – 5)

Patwant and Lionel to speak to Sec 3-5 students

22  & 29, Mar (TBC)


Sec 1 Values in Action Activity

PSG invited to provide gardening tips to Sec 1 students

24 Mar (Thurs)

7.30 am

Cross Country

·      PSG invited to run/walk with students

·      Meet at Chinese/Japanese garden

8 Apr (Fri)

5.00 pm

Speech Day

PSG invited as guests

15 Apr (Fri)

7.30 am – 12.40 pm

Sports Carnival

PSG invited to setup/man stations and prize presentation

20 Jul (Wed)


Racial Harmony Day

PSG will set up food stalls

13 Jul & 14 Sep (TBC)


Sec 3 Values in Action Project

(Caring for the Elderly)

PSG who has experience working/interacting with elderly to share their experiences with students

13 Aug (Mon)

Evening (TBC)

BBECCC National Day Observance Ceremony

PSG invited as guests

Sep School Holiday


Parent - Child Activity

All YI parents and students are invited to participate

Nov (Various)


·       Learning Experience @ YI

·       Outreach to Primary Schools

PSG to support

21 or 22 Dec (TBC)


Sec 1 Registration

PSG to support

Photo Gallery

Sec 1 Orientation Camp (22 Jan)
PSG reached out to new parents and encouraged them to join YI Blossom.

Sec 1 Orientation Camp - 01

PSG welcomed parents to the PSG room.
Sec 1 Orientation Camp - 02

CNY Lohei (16 Feb)

Mdm Rahayu Mahzam (Grassroots Advisor to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations) joining PSG and staff for the Lohei session.

CNY lohei - 01

Yusheng prepared by the Staff Welfare Committee. 

CNY lohei - 02

CNY lohei - 03

Parenting Workshop (10 Mar)
All parents were invited to a Parenting Talk organised by PSG.  
Topic: Guiding my children to find meaning & purpose in their lives by Dr Tan Lai Yong, Director for Outreach and Community & Engagement, NUS

Parenting Workshop - 01

Career Fair (11 Mar)
Parents shared with students their job experiences and job expectations

Career Fair - 01

Career Fair - 02

Cross Country (24 Mar)
Parents joined the students for the run at Chinese/Japanese garden.

Cross Country - 01

c (15 Apr)
Parent presented prizes to students.

Sports Carnival - 01

Racial Harmony Day (20 Jul)
PSG dressed in ethnic costumes and prepared food of different races. 

Racial Harmony Day - 01

Racial Harmony Day - 02

Racial Harmony Day - 03

Racial Harmony Day - 04

BBECCC National Day Observance Ceremony (13 Aug)
Parents dressed in red and white to commemorate National Day.

BBECCC National Day Observance Ceremony - 01

Parent - Child Bonding Activity at RoomRaiders (03 Sep)
Parents and their children enjoyed this fun-filled bonding activity.

Parent - Child Bonding Activity at RoomRaiders - 01

Parent - Child Bonding Activity at RoomRaiders - 02

PSG Bonding Sessions

At YI’s vertical garden
At YI’s vertical garden

Celebrating Mothers’ Day 
Celebrating Mothers’ Day - 01

Celebrating Mothers’ Day - 02

Celebrating Lunar New Year
Celebrating Lunar New Year

Celebrating Hari Raya Haji

Celebrating Hari Raya Haji