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Art Department

Yusof Ishak Secondary School (YISS) attained Performing A.R.T.s (All Round Talents) Niche in 2011. Committed to our school’s mission and vision to develop our students holistically through quality Arts programmme within a nurturing environment, we expanded our Niche development to include Visual Arts in 2015 and to bring forth the development of life skills and 21st century competencies in advocating Art education at YISS. In 2017, we are expounding to achieve a better integration of our LLP within the school curriculum by realigning our Art syllabus and Music syllabus to work in tandem as part of our H2earts In Tune Programme (History and Heritage Through Arts and Music).
We are convinced that there are multitudinous benefits through advocating Arts Education for our students because, apart from building good
character, they will also gain 21st century competencies as they will be:
  • Culture Builders: Respect and understanding the influence of the arts and their power to create and reflect cultures;

  • Creative Thinkers: Responsible creative decision makers and solving problems when no prescribed answers exist;

  • Compassionate Contributors:  Developing resilience through teamwork and active collaboration with non-profit organizations;

  • Connecting with the community:  Community Partnership through Service Learning to inculcate compassion towards others;

  • Confident Communicators: Communicating effectively

  • Citizens with Integrity: Develop empathy and making informed judgement