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Art Department


    To mold creative, confident and skillful students who can create, articulate and appreciate art.


    To create multiple platforms to develop students to be capable artists and art critics.

    The YI Art Department adopts the inquiry-based and imaginative learning pedagogies to enrich, expand and expose student’s cognitive learning of the arts. Students are guided to explore, develop and learn by making connections, noticing deeply, reflecting and creating for the deeper understanding of each art theme explored. The Key focus of each level are as follows:

    • Sec 1 : Explorations of dry mediums,

    • Sec2 : Explorations of wet mediums,

    • Sec3-5 : Building on key art concept, artist referencing and coursework skills

    The school arts programme is closely integrated into the Learning for Life (LLP) H3eArts in Tune platform. Through the programme, students are exposed to multicultural art and music experiences. They learn to appreciate modern trends in art and music and are encouraged to pursue lifelong interest and enquiry into art and music appreciation. The skills acquired not only enable students to create and appreciate varied art forms but also acquire the 21CC skills and competencies. The LLP programmes include:

    • Learning Journey to the National Gallery

    • Learning Journey to the Peranakan Museum

    • LLP OCC Mini Concert @ YI Theaterette

    • LLP Guzheng and Guitar/Cajon Instrument workshop

    • H2eArts in Tune (HIT) Concert

    • Musical Exposure Programme