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CCA Department


To provide students with a holistic experience in education.

CCA is an integral part of the school curriculum. It complements the school’s academic programme. Each CCA seeks to teach students the skills and knowledge necessary and relevant in their own areas, as well as to instill in students leadership, character, and values in line with the school vision and mission.

CCA is compulsory for all students in secondary schools. The CCAs offered by the school are as follows:

Uniformed Groups

Visual and Performing Arts

Physical Sports

Clubs & Societies


Symphonic Band


Interact Club




New Media Club


Malay Dance




Indian Dance

Sepak Takraw



Art Club



CCAs are mainly conducted on Fridays between 2.30pm and 6 pm. Additional training may be scheduled on Wednesdays between 2.30pm and 6 pm to prepare students for competitions and performances.