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The YISS Choir is for aspiring singers and performers! We help you develop your confidence as you step into the limelight to perform for an audience.
2015 had been a fulfilling year for the YISS Choir! Under the baton of our new instructor, Ms Angelina Choo, the Choir had the chance to explore a fresh mix of musical genres and singing styles through a cappella pieces such as Viva La Vida and Telephone and musical numbers such as On My Own from Les Misérables.
The Choir participated in the 2015 SYF Arts Presentation and were awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment after many months of hard work from the students, instructors and teachers. 
The choir members also took part in a June Choir Camp to get to know each other at a personal level and strengthen their vocal abilities. The choir also attended their very first a cappella performance by Vocal Edge at the Aliwal Arts Centre.
The YISS Choir looks forward to many more exciting opportunities in 2016!
Choir Group Photo Choir Team Members
Choir Group Photo 02