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New Media Club

The New Media Club focuses on providing photography, videography and PA support for school events while teaching members related knowledge and skills in areas such as video production, photo editing and stage lighting.
As part of the Club’s efforts to extend learning beyond school, members took part in external events like the Canon Expose seminar held at Victoria Junior College in April.  Our students had the opportunity to listen to professional photographers share about their passion and the industry as well as try out new lenses and camera models.  Another exciting learning opportunity was the visit to the exhibition, “Memory in Prints: Lee Kuan Yew and Us”, where our members learnt about event photography and photojournalism from SPH photographers and journalists.
The highlight for the year was the Club’s contribution to the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations.  For the first time, New Media Club members served as stage crew for a school production, and one no less momentous than the 50th anniversary drama, “From Newsman to Statesman”.
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