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YISS NPCC conducts weekly training sessions of drills, physical training, recreational games, lectures and lessons on camp-craft and police knowledge. All cadets attend camps in school and Pulau Ubin to foster camaraderie and confidence. Enrichment courses in First Aid and Pistol Shooting were also conducted to provide a holistic experience. 
In 2015, the unit also took part in a Police Youth Ambassador (PYA) project in conjunction with the Bukit Batok Neighbourhood Police Centre to spread crime prevention messages by updating the neighbourhood Police Messge Boards. 
Additionally, this year we had cadets selected for prestigious events such as National Day Parade, Brunei OBS course and the NPCC HQ Hong Kong Overseas Educational Visit. 
Furthermore, selected students went on a Community Involvement trip to Chiang Mai to take part in community service activities, to allow for learning from a difference perspective and to give back to the community. As a result of the Unit’s hard work and dedication, the YISS NPCC Unit was awarded the Silver award for the UOPA 2014.
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