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Sepak Takraw

SepakTakraw Club aims to develop resilience, teamwork and confidence in our members, through the honing of skills during trainings and matches. These qualities are not only applicable in their quest for excellence in tournaments, but also applicable to their journey in life. They learn the value of never giving up and to think on their feet. This is evident in their achievements:
3rd position in West Zone Tournament C Boys 2015
Champion of the National Sepak Takraw Tournament B Boys 2015
We also hold a Sepak Takraw Camp for 2 days 1 night during which our boys trained hard for the tournaments and build camaraderie. Our Club also realizes the importance of giving back to the community. We collaborated with Interact Club and instill entrepreneurship skills in our young ones through YESCOM and donate the profits to our chosen charity and causes as well as contribute to the Hampers of Love.   
Sepak Takraw Team Group Photo
Sepak Takraw Match - Photo 01
Sepak Takraw Match - Photo 02 Sepak Takraw Match - Photo 03