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Symphonic Band

Our vision of Yusof Ishak Symphonic Band is to develop Yusoffians to be a vibrant team of young musicians who demonstrates passion and self-discipline in the learning for music. The CCA serves to build strong foundation for Yusoffians to further develop their interest, competency and attaining excellence in their enriching music journey.
Our Yusof Ishak Symphonic Band believes in working hard and playing hard, having a strong sense of commitment to the CCA and at the same time, having fun during practices! We are a fast growing CCA with many opportunities to perform in various events, helping our members develop their music talents and appreciation for music. With an emphasis on disciplines, our band works together to foster our members’ command of their instrument through playing a selection of pieces, ranging from classical to songs that you can find at the top of the charts. 
It has been a hectic and eventful year for the YI Symphonic Band. In January, the band entertained parents and the newly recruited Secondary One students during CCA Day. Following that came months of intense preparation for the Singapore Youth Festival 2015 Concert Band Arts Presentation. The fruits of passionate members were reaped when the band achieved the Certificate of Accomplishment in the Arts Presentation, held at the Singapore Conference Hall.
YI Symphonic Band has also gained various enriching playing experiences through public performances catering to different audiences. Our Symphonic Band cultivates a learning culture as members are provided with abundant opportunities to fraternise with members of other schools in school band exchanges. These performances provided valuable musical experiences and inspired band members to strive for excellence for their upcoming events and Band Concert in 2016.
With regular exposure to various styles and performance settings we hope to sharpen individual showmanship skills as well as develop solo and ensemble playing. The Symphonic Band is optimistic that 2016 will be yet another meaningful year where band members develop and play as one.
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