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Humanities Department


Nurture Yusoffians to be committed to making this world a better place.


To inspire Yusoffians to be curious scholars equipped with a critical and creative mind and the passion to contribute to society.

The Humanities Department oversees the following subjects:

  • Humanities (Social Studies, Geography) & (Social Studies,History)

  • Geography 

  • Social Studies (NT)


Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a wide range of experiences that enable them to see the relevance between studying the Humanities and its relevance to the world they live in. The programmes help develop critical thinking skills and a sense of civic mindedness to do their part for the world as a global citizen. This is realised through a robust curriculum anchored on Inquiry Based Learning. The Humanities curriculum develops students to be compassionate individuals who are confident to make this world a better place.

Signature Programmes

  • Issue Investigation for Sec 3 Social Studies 

Since 2017, the department has created varied experiences for our students to explore contemporary issues. The curriculum has been designed to allow for students to gather authentic data through interviews and make informed decisions by synthesising the information that they have gathered on an issue of interest to them. This grounds-up approach to Issue Investigation has been shared with members of the fraternity through Masterclasses to further deepen students’ interest in the community they live in and how they can do their part as participative citizens. 

  • Urban Farming

Urban farming was introduced to the school in 2019 to our Sec 4 students as a means of realising our vision to make the world a better place to live in. The students learn to produce organic food through simple efforts that can be carried out in their homes which will reduce the use of harmful pesticides and at the same time have access to organic greens.

Key Programmes

  1. Geographical Investigation (Upper Secondary)

  2. Issue Investigation (Social Studies-Upper Secondary)

Learning for Joy- Discovering Interests, Growing Passions

  1. Humanities Week

  2. Channel News Asia broadcasts on Current Affairs

  3. Urban Farming (Geography)

  4. Game-Based Learning

Making Connections: Deepening & Application of Knowledge

  1.    Overseas Geography Fieldtrip 

  2.    Social Studies -  Prejudice Trail for  Secondary Three Students

  3.   National University of Singapore Geography Challenge (NUS GC) 



Name of Staff


Mdm Chan Hwee Leng

Mdm Song Li May (Year Head)

Mdm Rabiatul Adawiya Binhan (SH History)

Mr Eugene Chum