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ICT Department

To develop curious, confident and life-long learners who are technologically adept and discerning users in an increasingly technology-driven world.
To prepare Yusoffians to be well-versed in the 21st-century skills through leveraging ICT in the curriculum and programmes.
Our belief is in equipping all our students with the 21st-century learning skills to prepare them for an ever-changing future. We envision every teacher a change agent, every student an engaged learner and active contributor.
1)      To build a pervasive ICT culture (including cyber wellness and baseline ICT skills in the curriculum) sustainably.
2)      To integrate the use of ICT in the curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, application, and extension of learning in both IP and non-IP areas.
3)      To build the capacity of staff in the effective use of ICT tools for the attainment of the school’s ICT plan through programmes and structured time.
4)      To enhance knowledge and innovative use of ICT through research and lesson studies.
5)      To look into various software/hardware and leverage on these resources for ICT-enriched lessons and administrative efficiency. 

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                                                    ICT Baseline Training

Integrating SLS pedagogical scaffold by ICT committee into the curriculum