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ICT Department


To develop curious, confident and life-long learners who are technologically adept and discerning users in an increasingly technology-driven world.



To prepare Yusoffians to be well-versed in the 21st-century skills through leveraging ICT in the curriculum and programmes.



1.     Self-directed learners who are skillful in the use of technology to enhance their learning through interacting with digital content to explore, test, reflect on ideas and receive feedback.

2.     Collaborative and active contributors who use technology to support group knowledge construction through collaborative meaning making.

3.     Discerning users who are able to curate accurate and reliable information, critically assess, evaluate and meaningfully use them to make informed decisions.

Whole-school approach to implement lessons using Student Learning Space (SLS)

Starting this year, our school uses SLS as the main platform to implement ICT-infused lessons, opportunities are created for students to go through the various learning experiences (acquisition, inquiry, discussion and collaboration) in the learning of the different subjects.

In their respective subject professional development (PD) groups led by key personnel, teachers design new SLS lessons or adapt existing ones.  Open classrooms are conducted to share these lessons with other department teachers, exchange ideas and to obtain feedback for improvement. 

With these practices, students have the opportunities to

  • take ownership of their learning in technology-mediated environments during and after school hours,

  • create digital artefacts to represent their ideas individually or with peers,

  • use technology to promote complex thinking, detect patterns and understand data to solve real-world problems. 

                                                    ICT Baseline Training

Integrating SLS pedagogical scaffold by ICT committee into the curriculum