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Mathematics Department

1. Department Vision & Mission

Curious Learners and Confident Problem Solvers in the learning of Mathematics
To provide vibrant and joyful learning experiences for the learning of Mathematics

Our Goals:
For students
To sustain value-added results in National Examinations;
To achieve a deep understanding of the basic Mathematical concepts through Visible Learning*
*Visible Learning for Mathematics extends John Hattie’s original groundbreaking meta-analysis of educational practices in Visible Learning (2009) to specific mathematics teaching practices.
To cultivate a sense of responsibility in their own learning through self-directed e-learning platform;
To appreciate the value of Mathematics in their daily lives and making decisions using their Mathematical knowledge.

For teachers 
To build a culture of collaborative and trust among teachers; 
To create a conducive environment which allows teachers to innovate and grow professionally;
To provide opportunity for teachers to learn/share from one another;
To promote the inter-dependence of Mathematics and other disciplines;
To infuse Thinking, NE and IT into the Teaching of Mathematics;
To incorporate varied teaching strategies such as flipped classroom, The Skillful Teacher, Mathematics Modelling into the teaching of Mathematics. 

Homework Policy:
Regular homework assignments will be given daily and graded by the teachers.  In addition, there will be at least five formative assessments conducted in a term in order to check for students’ understanding and ensure sufficient rigour in their learning.

Please access here for the Assessment Plan 2020.
Key Programme in Mathematics Department
YISS Maths Department adopts a 3-tiers T&L framework to provide a broad spectrum to meet the needs of our diverse learners for the future.

Subject Mastery Image



Subject Mastery

(Every student, a successful individual)

Designed lessons to allow our students to achieve a deep understanding of the basic Mathematical concepts;

Incorporated suitable learning experiences in teaching concepts, making Mathematics relevant by relating to real-life;

Designed self-directed learning programmes for students to learn at their own pace and to take responsibility in their own learning.

Infused Thinking skills (Analyzing, Generalization, deducing) and problem solving skills into our teaching to develop our students to be a confident problem solver.



(Going beyond)

Extended our students’ learning by exposing them to higher order thinking and non-routine questions.

To provide opportunities for all students to represent school in external competitions.

To provide opportunity to develop our students to become a confident problem solver and also a critical thinker.



(A thirst for in-depth)

Maths Talent Programme

This is a 3 years programme to stretch the potential of the high-ability students in the area of Mathematics. They will be trained weekly by our ex-teacher beyond curriculum time.

In additional, students will represent our school to take part in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) and Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). Students will also have the opportunity to go for local/overseas learning journey to enrich their learning experience. (in the midst of seeking collaboration with higher institutions)



Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3

Sec 4

Subject Mastery

·        Learning experiences (Self-exploratory)

·        Self-directed learning (Flipped classroom, E-learning)

·        Alternative assessment (Performance task, Journal writing, Presentation)

·        Mathematics Day (1 Day)

·        Explicit teaching of thinking skills (Analyzing, Generalization, deducing) and problem solving skills (Polya’s 4 steps of problem solving & Maths Heuristics)

·       Progressive Mastery Programme for Algebra (E-learning)

·       ICT-infused lesson (Excel in the learning of statistic)

·       Graphic Calculator  – Seeing is believing (Signature Programme) – Sec 2

·      Intensive revision for GCE N and O Level


·   Level Participation in external competitions


·      Exposure to higher-order/ non-rontinue thinking questions

·       Participation in external competitions

(SMO, AMC, Coding in Mathematics for Sec 1E, Mathematics Challenge by Ngee Ann Polytechnic)


Maths Talent Programme

·      Weekly training for HOT questions


Math Programmes

Key Programmes for 2020:


1. Chromebook-enhanced Lessons 

Mathematics lessons are more ICT-based with students owning on-loan-Chromebooks for a year. In addition, an online Math learning portal (Ace-Learning) account has been subscribed for all students so as to enhance their Mathematics learning experience, as well as to promote self-directed learning and revision.


2. Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

The aims of the AMC are three-fold:
To highlight the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject
To give students an opportunity to discover talent in mathematics
To provide resources for the classroom and general discussion
Benefits to students
All students receive a detailed report showing how they went on each problem, with comparisons as to wider statistics.
All students receive a certificate or award commensurate with their performance.
The AMC provides the student with an extra opportunity for external recognition. Certificates are often kept by students for their folios. They are well understood by employers and so can be used as evidence of problem-solving ability.
Unlike formal examinations in mathematics, many of the problems are set in situations to which students can relate, indicating the relevance of mathematics in their everyday lives. Above all the competition is designed to be enjoyable, even for those students who might not have performed as well as they may have hoped. Certainly the event is intended to be conducted in a pressure-free environment (not affecting normal school assessment) and the questions are designed to be of sufficient interest to stimulate discussion at a later time, with friends, parents or classmates.
Competitions can inspire a greater interest in the subject and a love of learning.
Students are given an opportunity to participate in a large event attempting the same problems as students in other schools and other countries. 

 For more information, click here

4. Singapore Math Olympiad - Selected students only (May)
The philosophy of this programme is to bring real-life mathematics down to the level of secondary schools. We want to tell students that mathematics is not dry and boring – in fact, intellectually-challenging mathematics is fun and not difficult to master! Our approach involves formal lectures, hands-on practice sessions as well as games and puzzles. The style of presentation is tailored to make our materials accessible to students with a good grasp of mathematics at the secondary level.
 For more information, click here

5. Ngee Ann Math Challenge - Express and NA students (March) 
Jointly organised by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and the School of Engineering in NP, the annual Maths Challenge activities are designed to expose participants to interesting and engaging aspects of Mathematics. Participants put their brains and brawn to the test by resolving complex mathematical problems.

Results (Updated: 2019)
The team made us proud by clinching Second Position. 

2. Mathematics Department Organisation Chart





Mr Eric Koh



Ms Seet Wenshan

LH/Maths and Data Mgt


Mr Ng Chin Ling

SH Add Math (Internal)


Mr Tan Weicun

Teacher (Mathematics)


Mr William Hong

Teacher (Mathematics)


Ms Ang Yue Hua

Teacher (Mathematics)


Miss Eugenie Pui

Teacher (Music/Mathematics)


Mr Lee Siak Kheng

Teacher (Chemistry/Mathematics)

3. Game-Based Learning

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Department Photographs

Math department teachers attended a workshop at NIE in March 2018

 Math department teachers attended a workshop at NIE in March 2018 

Math and Science department teachers posing for a fun shot after the successful conclusion of π-Force Challenge 2018 on 26 March 2018.

 Math and Science department teachers posing for a fun shot after the successful conclusion of π-Force Challenge 2018 on 26 March 2018. 

2019 Force Challenge at Punggol Cove Primary School