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English Language & Literature Department


Our mission is to empower every child that comes through Y.I. to develop their personal voice by igniting their passion and curiosity about the world via language and Literature.

Our English Language programme is tailored to give students the tools to help them adapt in an increasingly complex world by expressing themselves confidently and making meaning of what they experience. We leverage on the use of e-pedagogy to create collaborative and self-directed learning experiences for our students.

Our Literature programme aims to instill in our students a deep sense of understanding about ourselves and others through the texts we experience. We equip our students with the skills to sharpen their analytical thinking and appreciate the nuances and beauty of the English Language.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of Secondary education, students will be able to communicate effectively in English.

They will be able to:
  • Use English language effectively and confidently when speaking, reading and writing
  • Listen, read and view critically and with accuracy, understanding and appreciation a wide range of fiction and non-fiction (informational / functional) texts from print and non-print sources
  • Speak, write and represent in internationally accepted English that is grammatical, fluent and appropriate for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures
  • Understand and use internationally acceptable English grammar and vocabulary for communication.

Key Programmes

  • YI Reads (reading materials are curated by EL teachers and students)
  • English e-Portfolio (metacognition)
  • ELL / Hums week (enthuse and excite students about EL and Humanities)
  • Public speaking (nurture confident speakers)
  • Learning Journeys - interview members of the public, writing / reporting about the events that take place in Punggol (active citizenship)
  • Content Creation (multimodal text creation)

Enrichment Workshops
  • Poetry workshop (Sec 1)
  • Public speaking workshop (Sec 2)
  • Testimonial/ CV writing workshop (Sec 3/ Sec 4)

Talent development
  • Young Writers Circle

Multimodal Text Creation

Students take on the role as content creators (eg. vloggers, podcasters, travel writers, Instagrammers etc.) after learning about persuasive techniques and semiotic modes and how they impact audiences.

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Students are eager to learn about language and the humanities through the fun activities curated by teachers to enthuse and excite them!

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