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Humanities Department


Thinkers and leaders who are equipped with future-ready skills to contribute knowledge and advocate for greater good and sustainable development of their community and the world.

To foster a passion for lifelong learning through a learner-centred and authentic learning environment that will develop Yusoffians as inquirers and critical thinkers.

Connect, Practice, Change
As part of our continual drive towards curriculum innovation, our team of Humanities educators actively design learner-centred lessons that encourage metacognition as they develop the different disciplinary skills. This is realised through a robust curriculum anchored on Inquiry Based Learning. Our lessons also encourage active participation, exploration, discovery and collaboration among learners. We also draw on real world knowledge of local and global context to make learning authentic to prepare them for life-long learning. The programme also helps to develop students’ critical thinking skills and a sense of civic mindedness where they discover their interests and strengths to pursue and advocate on issues that they are passionate about to advocate for collective well-being and sustainable development of their community and the world.

Learning Outcomes

Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum in Yusof Ishak Secondary School aims to equip students with the global competencies as follows:
  • Examine and understand issues of local, global and cultural significance to cultivate open-mindedness;
  • Understand and appreciate the perspectives and worldviews of others for the appreciation of multiple perspectives;
  • Engage in open, appropriate and effective interactions across cultures and perspectives;
  • Take action for collective well-being and sustainable development to tackle complex problems of today and tomorrow.


The History curriculum in Yusof Ishak Secondary School aims to equip students with:
  • knowledge, skills and values through the inquiry process which will enable them to better understand, appreciate and learn from the richness of the human experience of the past;
  • rich learning from the past through varied socio-cultural perspectives over time and space and be inspired for the future;
  • a deep sense of identity and a belief that they can make a difference in their nation;
  • empathy for people, cultures and issues and appreciate that different societies hold different beliefs, values and attitudes at different points of time;
  • critical thinking skills to understand and appreciate different perspectives, the role of leadership, its responsibilities and its representation.


The Geography curriculum in Yusof Ishak Secondary School aims to enable students to:
  • acquire knowledge and skills to describe, explain and analyse geographical phenomena and processes that occur in Singapore and beyond;
  • examine selected geographical phenomena and processes by analysing data,
  • be aware of different value orientations towards the environment, which influence people’s actions;
  • be imbibed with a sense of responsibility towards the environment; and
  • be provided with opportunities to discuss solutions, and take actions to achieve a more sustainable world.

Key Programmes

Issues Investigation
Since 2017, the department has created varied experiences for our students to explore contemporary issues. The curriculum has been designed to allow for students to gather authentic data through interviews and make informed decisions by synthesising the information that they have gathered on an issue of interest to them. This grounds-up approach to Issue Investigation has been shared with members of the fraternity through Masterclasses to further deepen students’ interest in the community they live in and how they can do their part as participative citizens.

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