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Mathematics Department


Inquisitive and Confident Learner


To ignite students' interest and curiosity in Mathematics, and nurture resilience in their attitude towards the learning of Mathematics

Key Programmes

Key Programme in Mathematics Department
YISS Maths Department adopts a 3-tiers T&L framework to provide a broad spectrum to meet the needs of our diverse learners for the future.

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Subject Mastery
(Every student, a successful individual)
Designed lessons to allow our students to achieve a deep understanding of the basic Mathematical concepts;

We incorporate suitable learning experiences in teaching concepts, making Mathematics relevant by relating to real-life;

design self-directed learning programmes for students to learn at their own pace and to take responsibility in their own learning.

infuse thinking skills (Analyzing, Generalization, deducing) and problem solving skills into our teaching to develop our students to be confident problem solvers.
(Going beyond)
We extend our students’ learning by exposing them to higher order thinking and non-routine questions.

We provide opportunities for all students to represent Y.I. in external competitions.

We also provide opportunities to develop our students to become confident problem solvers and also critical thinkers.
(A thirst for in-depth)
Maths Talent Programme

This is a 3 years programme to stretch the potential of the high-ability students in the area of Mathematics. They will be trained weekly by our teachers beyond curriculum time.

In addition, students will represent our school to take part in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) and Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). Students will also have the opportunity to go on a local/overseas learning journey to enrich their learning experience. (in the midst of seeking collaboration with higher institutions)

Sec 1
Sec 2
Sec 3
Sec 4
Subject Mastery
  • Learning experiences (Self-exploratory)
  • Self-directed learning (Flipped classroom, E-learning)
  • Alternative assessment (Performance task, Journal writing, Presentation)
  • Mathematics Day (1 Day)
  • Explicit teaching of thinking skills (Analyzing, Generalization, deducing) and problem solving skills (Polya’s 4 steps of problem solving & Maths Heuristics)
  • Progressive Mastery Programme for Algebra (E-learning)
  • ICT-infused lesson (Excel in the learning of statistic)
  • Graphic Calculator – Seeing is believing (Signature Programme) – Sec 2
  • Intensive revision for GCE N and O Level
  • Level Participation in external competitions
  • Exposure to higher-order/ non-rontinue thinking questions
  • Participation in external competitions
(SMO, AMC, Coding in Mathematics for Sec 1E, Mathematics Challenge by Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
Maths Talent Programme
  • Weekly training for HOT questions


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Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)


Ngee Ann Math Challenge


Pi-Force Challenge 2019
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SEARCH Learning Space

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