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Mother Tongue Languages Department


Key Pedagogy
Task-based Instruction, E-pedagogy infused with metacognition, and Differentiated Instruction.

Learning Outcomes

The Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) department aims to nurture confident communicators, gracious citizens and global thinkers who are proud of their MTL and cultures. The department also strives to create meaningful student learning experiences for language, culture, and values that are infused with the joy of learning.

Key Programmes

MTL Reading Programme
Reading is a key component in language literacy. Good reading skills not only benefit students during their schooling, but enable them for lifelong learning and success. Reading develops vocabulary, promotes analytical thinking, and opens students’ eyes to the world around them. Through our MTL Reading Programme, YI students access weekly different genre of readings, including news reports that keep them updated of current affairs, and literary texts that introduce the art and beauty of language. To enhance reading as an active learning process, students are engaged in active discussions during lessons to share their ideas and negotiate meanings for improved understanding with their peers. Such learning will be demonstrated and reinforced during their writing.

Metacognitive MTL Learning with e-Pedagogy Programme
Language learning often takes place in active production (e.g., in speaking and writing) using the language taught/learnt. As reflected in the famous quote attributed to American philosopher John Dewey, "We do not learn from an experience … we learn from reflecting on an experience", students learning MTL also benefit from taking pauses to “stop and think”. Through infusing technology, students not only develop habits to monitor, evaluate and plan for improved MTL productions in school, but such abilities effectively prepare them to become lifelong language learners beyond schools.

“A Five Minutes a Day” Programme
“A Five minutes a Day” Programme (“课前五分钟”) is an integral part of every MTL lesson, where students are given opportunities to conduct verbal presentations on their chosen topics, followed by discussion as a class. This programme not only encourages student ownership as they exercise choices for their presentations, but also develop students’ confidence and proficiencies as they present using MTL in front of the class as an active audience. Possible topics include non-language (e.g., students’ hobbies, ideas from websites browsed, and contents from social media watched) and language related (e.g., good literary passages or snippets of writing, idioms & proverbs that students encounter during their daily reading) ones.

MTL Fortnight Programme
During the annual MTL Fortnight, the Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Department conducts a series of vibrant and interactive activities, including learning journeys to external cultural sites. These cultural activities allow our students to actively learn and experience MTL as a 'living language’. To promote cross-cultural appreciation, the MTL Fortnight would end with a cultural showcase, where students learning the different MTL will come together to put up an exhibition that demonstrates their rich and meaningful learning experiences.