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PE Department


The PE department is dedicated to teaching and developing knowledge, skills and values for students to enjoy physical activities for healthy living.

The department uses the sports education pedagogical model to engage students in all aspects of each game module. This pedagogical model engages students of all ability levels to work collaboratively towards the culminating sports event. Yearly lesson studies result in pedagogical refinement to bring about better motivation and enjoyment.

Learning Outcomes

To develop students to be healthy in body and mind.

Lessons are designed with the following objectives:
  1. Improve and sustain overall physical fitness and impart knowledge in physical fitness training theories.
  2. Impart knowledge on weight management and equip students with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Leverage on sports education pedagogy to motivate students and teach students different aspects of sports literacy
  4. Train students to be proficient in different sports genres using the Games concepts approach to enable our students to be critical learners.
  5. Inculcate an appreciation for nature and environment through outdoor skills education such as orienteering, outdoor cooking and tent pitching.

Key Programmes

Sports Carnival
The annual sports carnival is a platform for students to experience a variety of sporting activities and to compete at inter house levels. The event aims to cultivate their interest and passion in different sporting activities.

Interclass Games
The interclass games is a culminating activity for the PE modules. Students compete and perform officiating duties for the games. This makes learning meaningful and relevant for the students and brings about high motivation levels and student enjoyment.

Annual School Cross Country
The annual cross country fosters camaraderie and team spirit at the inter house level. This event encourages students and staff to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. It also promotes a vibrant sporting culture for the school.

Olympic Society
The Olympic Society engages students in healthy living programmes. Games, nutritional talks and fun fitness activities are all weaved into the training programme.

Cohort Camp
The secondary 3 camp is an adventure camp which aims to instill leadership habits in students through experiential learning. Students join the Outward Bound Singapore in a 5 Day 4 Night Expedition.

The NAPFA Test is conducted for all secondary 2, 4 and 5 students yearly. The test encourages students to keep fit through regular physical exercise.