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CCE Programmes

All Yusoffians are lifelong learners and active contributors to society.

YISS CCE Mission
To empower Yusoffians with values and knowledge and equip them with skills to learn, collaborate and contribute to society.

CCE2021 Framework

Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) in YI serves to guide students to be lifelong learners and active contributors to society through the school’s Co-curriculum.

All the programs that the school embarks on are closely aligned to the CCE2021 framework, and we seek to empower students with the school values as well as equip them with essential SEL competencies. This is done through the various approaches shown below.

With a strong foundation in values, it is hoped that students will make the right choices in life. They will then be able to exhibit the 21st Century Competencies and eventually influence others to exhibit the 21st Century Competencies.

Learning Outcomes & Level Outcomes

When Yusoffians graduate from the school at Sec 4/5, they will achieve the following:

Sec 2 A Resilient Sportsman, Embodying Grit and Dare
Sec 3 A Compassionate Statesman, Leading and Serving with a Heart
Sec 4/5 A Confident Scholar, Aspiring to Excel

Key Programmes
Below are some programs that the school has to inculcate values and develop students’ character.